About Jackpot Rankings

Welcome to the ultimate hub for online casino jackpot comparisons, Jackpot Rankings – the world's largest comparison site for online casino jackpots.

Our History

Founded in 2023, Jackpot Rankings was born out of a passion for the thrill and strategy of online gaming. The brainchild of industry veterans, our team carries deep expertise with over half a century's experience in the online gambling industry. Our founders are not just enthusiasts but are academically accomplished, holding Master's Degrees in fields like Marketing, Analytics, Mathematics, and Data Science. Together, we are more than just a company; we are innovators and game-changers.

Our Mission

Here at Jackpot Rankings, our mission is clear – track and analyze hundreds of online slots jackpots across the web in real-time and help users find the best jackpots. Our robust database boasts hundreds of millions of rows of data, tracking every notable jackpot from the crème de la crème providers to prestigious online casino sites.

We don't just present data; we decipher it. Our user-friendly jackpot score is the compass that guides slot enthusiasts toward the hottest jackpots. How hot, you ask? The jackpot score uses several key factors in the calculation. Firstly, it considers the jackpot's size, with the bigger jackpot receiving higher scores. Secondly, it compares the current jackpot to the typical winnings, awarding better scores if it surpasses the average. Lastly, it assesses the time or remaining amount for jackpot wins, giving better scores to those with limited time or a smaller amount left to claim.

Why Jackpot Rankings?

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Our platform significantly reduces guesswork, enabling our users to make informed choices bolstered by the latest data.
  • Fresh Statistics: Always current, we update our algorithm and stats continuously, capturing the dynamic ebb and flow of online jackpots.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Beyond mere numbers, we offer vital statistics, jackpot growth graphs, and historical jackpot data.
  • Slot Game Guidance: Once you've set your sights on a jackpot, we help you select the best slot game linked to that bounty.
  • Exclusive Offers: We negotiate top-tier offers and bonuses with our partner casinos, delivering exclusive deals that you can grab right from our platform.
  • Latest Jackpot News: We regularly publish articles informing users about the latest news and trends in the world of online casino jackpots.

Jackpot Rankings is your trusted ally in the digital realm of online casino jackpots. Explore with us, play informed, and have fun chasing potentially life changing jackpots. Please always remember to gamble responsibly.